The original 4 members of Diatribe formed the band around the summer of 1984, They were Vinnie "Fono" Udo on vocals, Gary Gadsden on D-beat, Sean Collie on Bass, and Julius Martinez on Guitar. Vinnie had been drumming in Convicted (who later went on to become Final Conflict) when that project came to an end Vinnie answered an add for a vocalist in the local newspaper and ended up drumming for Diatribe for a while just to get the ball rolling. The band went through several ill-fitting singers until finding a decent drummer, Vinnie switched to vocals and that drummer Scott Sellers was finally replaced by Gary Gadsden giving the band the classic lineup known to D-beat fiends around the world.(There is a tape with Scott drumming that has never been released). Diatribe began doing shows playing with the likes of Battalion Of Saints, A State Of Mind, D.O.A., Abrasive Wheels, S.N.F.U., The Vandals, Scream, Upright Citizens, Die Kreuzen, Conflict, The Iconoclast, Body Count, and many other great bands. They recorded a $25 6 song demo, that is thought to be by many, the original D-beat recording in the Americas. They toured the U.S. from coast to coast(tour-mates Terveet Kadet backing out at the last second because of Visa troubles) playing a well known show at CBGB's in New York that was recorded and where additional songs are pulled from. The band kept going with Vinnie until a falling out in late 1985. The band replaced him with a well meaning fan named Kanga but didn't last even a year after that, by the fall of 1986 the original Diatribe was no more.
Skip forward to 2006, Vinnie has lost his best friend and band-mate Rob Noxious due to high blood pressure, thus ending a successful 10 year run with his band 'The Shitgiveits'. After a period of 2 and a half years without a band, and in a state of mild depression from the sudden shocking loss of a loved one, he asks an old friend from the Diatribe days if he would like to resurrect the band with him. Mar and Vinnie set out to find new band members and are disappointed time and again when things don't work out with other musicians. At this time, controversy about the band surfaces as well, with one original member of the band trying his best to sabotage the whole project. Staying stubborn and with a clear vision in mind, they recruit two 21 year old's to play bass and guitar, after a year of trial and error a solid line up is finally reached and immediately the band swings into high gear. Rehearsals turn up new songs almost instantly and the band gels in a matter of weeks.

The new DIATRIBE consists of:

Vinnie 'Fono on Vocals   Bryan Torres on Bass   Aaron McQueen on Guitar   Mar Moreno on Drums